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Masterful Games On Purpose — Episode 2101

Trade Myths in for Truths to Enliven Your Purpose

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Games help to access your seriously creative side... your inner genius.


When you are playful, you are the most open to your intuition and inspiration.

The contestants, Catherine and Erin, are inspired, curious life-long learners, too. They are absolutely committed to helping others to feel better, with more joy and peace. Of course, they also have to pay the bills and tend to important commitments... so, they decided to explore the claim that connecting with their playfulness would instantly enhance their ability to integrate all of their life goals.

Your life 'works' when you know your way to do your lifework! 

Catherine & Erin, like so many people today, are poised to launch their purpose-guided ventures in the world. The contestants have studied, learned, grown, and practiced extensively. Having become experts in their fields, they are eager to reach more people and make a bigger difference; however, being wholly dependent upon their own businesses is new and a bit scary. Knowing that few sole proprietors succeed using conventional wisdom, they decided to try a different approach. 

See the brief contestant intro video below:

Tame Your Inner Critic with these Simple Steps

Ask Questions. Seek Answers. Apply & Share What You Found. Repeat.

Of course, simple doesn't mean easy! In mastering this formula, these no-nonsense panelists have learned the value of good humor and take their fun very seriously. Having spent decades going it alone and doing what conventional wisdom prescribed, they each discovered why most change-makers unnecessarily burn out, go broke (or both) before, during or after achieving “success”. All panelists agreed that the path to peace, purpose, and prosperity is paved by continually examining faulty social norms, personally integrating the lessons learned, and sharing the results with fellow inspired change-makers, like you. 

Workshop LIVE to apply what the panelists spent decades uncovering.

Kris Burke, Masterful U, Personally Meaningful Lifework

Linda Albright, Women's Wealth Revolution, Your Genetic Design

Jane Garee, ShowStopping Sales, Having Conversations that Matter

Jennifer Neuhaus, Masterful U, Your Energy Leadership Index


See the brief panelist intro video below:

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Workshop with Kris

Map Your Way to Personally Meaningful Lifework

Personally Meaningful Lifework

Wed, Oct. 20 @ 1 PM Eastern-US

Explore how to fulfill your purpose and become who you know in your heart you are meant to be. 

This 2-Hour Workshop is for you if you want to...

  • Understand what 'getting into alignment' really means and why it matters so much at work
  • Learn how to tell when you're working with your powerful life flow and when you're trying to force your way to results
  • Uncover and make friends with a hidden conflict that keeps most people from the results they want
  • Know how to identify and resolve ongoing conflicts as they arise in the moment
  • Anchor yourself in the comfort of always being able to know your truth.
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Workshop with Jennifer

How to Deliver Workshops that Engage, Energize and Connect

Creating Workshops

Wed, Oct. 27 @ 1 PM Eastern-US

Discover the most effective ways to design and deliver your own workshops. 

In this 2-hour LIVE workshop you'll learn...

  • How to create a workshop that best fits your topic
  • How to design and deliver content that energizes and connects with your audience
  • Techniques to actively engage your "type" of audience (yes, there are types!)
Boo. You missed it! You can still get the recording for $35.

Workshop with Jane

Having Conversations that Matter

Aligned Sales

Wed, Nov. 3 @ 1 PM Eastern-US

This 2-Hour Workshop is for you if you want to...

  • Getting people to their truth so they are clear about saying yes to what they need to do next
  • Understanding why, “I don’t have the money” is about so much more than money and how to have that conversation gracefully
  • How to shift the conversation so you’re building powerful relationships that serve both you and your prospective clients
  • How to recognize that not everyone should get an offer and why that is always okay
  • How to never worry about “closing” again and instead, have prospects ask you for the business
Boo. You missed it! You can still get the recording for $35.

Workshop with Linda

Unlock Your Human Design to Create Extraordinary Results, More Easily

Your Genetic Design

Wed, Nov. 10 @ 1 PM Eastern-US

Discover your unique hidden code that can create more money, time, and freedom in your business and in your life. 

This 2-hour workshop is for you if you want to...

  • Stop wasting time and money investing in “5-Step Formulas” that don’t work for you like they do for the guru who sells them
  • Discover your unique genetic blueprint, that secret weapon that creates more of what you want, less of what you don’t
  • Activate your hidden code which leads you down the fastest (and easiest) path to success
  • Put to bed, once and for all, that nagging feeling of “Why aren’t I there yet?”
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