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Masterful Games On Peace — Episode 2102

Trade Myths in for Truths to Experience Peace

YES! I Want to Experience More Peace by Workshopping Together!


Games help you to relax and reconnect with your curiosity... and inner knowing.


When you are playful, you are the most open to your intuition and inspiration.

The contestants, Candy and Jen, like many of us, are beginning to realize that the new 'normal' doesn't feel very well... normal, and remaining in a prolonged state of unease is wreaking havoc in their lives. They have agreed to explore an innovative approach to improving their experiences and consequently their well-being. 

Stress is the leading cause of dis-ease. Peace is the powerful antidote. 

When your fight-flight-freeze instinct is triggered all of your body's resources are diverted to powering the innate survival tactics of vigilance and reaction. This state plays an important role when a tiger or bus is racing toward you. However, this state does not work for relieving anxiety, building more harmonious relationships, or being hope-filled enough to follow through on inspired creative ideas. 

See the brief contestant intro video below:

Reimagine your life with these simple truths.

Joy resolves fear. Knowledge resolves belief. Curiosity resolves conflict. Collaboration resolves competition. Prosperity resolves poverty.

Such simple truths light us up and reignite our hope! They fill us with inspiring visions of what could be along with the energy to follow through. To remain motivated enough to persist we must overcome our more familiar 'heavier' (or denser) states. Doing so isn't easy. It requires an absolute commitment to self-awareness and alignment. So why be so intentionally light-hearted? 

Simply because love — the essence of our humanity — conquers all IF we choose it. 

Workshop LIVE to apply tools & keys to make your process smoother.

 Christine Baumgartner, MU, Keys to Harmonious Relationships

Erin Levy, MU, Open to Your Creative Expression

Jennifer Neuhaus, MU, Energy Leadership Index

 Kris Burke, MU, Laugh Your Anxiety Away


See the brief panelist intro video below:

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Workshop with Kris

Laugh Your Anxiety Away

Stress-Related 'Disorders'

Tuesday, Nov. 2 @ 1 PM EST—US

This 2-Hour Workshop is for you if you want to...

  • Gain a bird's-eye view of your internal states so you can choose;
  • Learn how to shift your internal state at will (in an instant);
  • Increase the amount of time you spend in a healthful state;
  • Experience what it means to achieve internal alignment and step into your authentic power. 
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Workshop with Christine

Collect Keys for Harmonious Relationships


Tuesday, Nov. 9 @ 1 PM EST—US 

This 2-hour workshop is for you if you want to...

  • Explore common relationship challenges (you're not alone!)
  • Learn tools and techniques to reset the relationships that really matter to you 
  • Gain insights into establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries
  • Practice self-talk that will improve how you relate to yourself
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Workshop with Jennifer

Intro to the Energy Leadership Index (ELI)

An Introduction

Tuesday, Nov. 16 @ 1 PM EST—US

In this LIVE 1.5-Hour Workshop, you'll learn how the ELI can help you to:

  • Radically change your approach to work and life.  
  • Understand and manage your perceptions, approaches, and results at work and in life. 
  • Reshape your attitudes and worldview to transform both your internal and external “worlds” so they “work” for you.
This workshop introduces the index and the type of detailed information you will receive should you decide to participate in Workshop #2.
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Workshop with Erin

Open to Your Creative Expression


Tuesday, Nov. 23 @ 1 PM EST—US 

This 2-Hour Workshop is for you if you want to...

  • Gain practical understanding of how to tap into your inherent (albeit buried) creative abilities
  • Learn new techniques to build your outside-the-box thinking muscles
  • Practice new means of applying your creativity in work and play
  • Get pumped for the next time anyone says "let's get creative"!
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