Open the Doorway to Your Infinite Possibilities

with Laura Mayer

Are you ready to change your life?

Opening doorways to infinite possibilities is the heart of Laura’s work. Her personal story and extraordinary healing offer unique keys for your transformation.

When Laura was told in her very first intuitive reading that she was a master teacher/master healer and would completely heal a 40-year progressive, degenerative disease, she listened.

Please join Laura at her Workshop Wednesday to discover the doorway that’s right for you.

Is this workshop right for you?

Yes, because you are:

Willing to explore how your old wounds and childhood patterns continue to show up in your personal and professional life today.

Prepared to live in freedom from these patterns.

Eager to trace the origin to your primary belief system.

Ready to discover where your fear, sadness, anxiety, desires, passions come from.

Committed to identify your heart’s desire and soul’s purpose.

By the conclusion of this
presentation, you will:

Understand how your healing journey will continue, and which steps to take next.

Develop greater clarity about the truth of who you are.

Appreciate the gifts that you bring to your healing, including integrity, courage, commitment, and openness.

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"Laura Mayer starts from a place of heart connectedness with those whom she works with. This enables a sense of security and understanding which I believe is the key to unlocking the emotive keys to cellular memories. Her empathy, compassion and honouring of the individual offers support on the journey. She helps you show up and acknowledges the part of you who needs to heal for real as it happens. Then encourages a new integrated wholeness in you to emerge."

Kinesiologist and Craniosacral Therapist, New Zealand

"Working with Laura has been the first time in my life that I have felt so ‘seen’ and completely accepted for all of me. Nothing to hide and never alone. I simply feel safe and supported while I gently encourage the frightened and confused little girl inside to unfold her strong, shiny angel wings and take her place beside me. I wish everyone could experience the difference that Laura makes in pulling together the wounded fragments and integrating a whole Self. I am very grateful for the privilege of working with Laura to “coach my inner child to wellness”–thanks! You have been a lifesaver!"

Catherine Sauberan
R.N., Tucson, AZ

"Laura is truly an Earth Angel, talking to her is like having a direct connection to Source. She holds you in such a loving and honest energy that you cannot help but let her in and heal your inner child. Working with her was probably the most profound healing experience I have ever had, and I’ve definitely had my share. She is so connected, so clear, and yet so non-attached to her ego and your ‘story’ that she only sees your perfection, your beauty, and your Higher Self. She urges you to see the beauty inside, and with her help, you will not only see it, but you will bring it out for the world to enjoy. She will help you do the most powerful act that anyone on Earth can do: love yourself completely."

Liz Borman
Berkeley, CA

"My session with Laura was illuminating! Her gentle yet powerful way of accessing the energetics as well as her groundedness in clinical knowledge was a beautiful way for me to go inward and discover what I desired to unravel and learn from. Laura's own transformational journey gives her keen insight into supporting her client's growth and evolution. I highly recommend working with Laura! "

Jane Ashley
Publisher, Flower of Life Press

Meet your Master Guide:

Laura Mayer, MA, OTR

Integrative Therapist * Healing Activator * Medical Intuitive * Author

Laura believes in the transformational power of commitment-connection-courage.

Life’s journey is about having the courage to fully commit to your healing journey. This is where the connections are made, both in the energetic and 3-D worlds. Saying yes lets the Universe know you are ready to open up and let go of what no longer serves you.

Laura knows this first hand. The miracle of her own dramatic healing was the motivation for her work. Not only did she receive the healing she asked for, she received the gift of razor sharp intuition, propelling her forward into the healing field.

Laura’s commitment and dedication in assisting others on their healing journey is her soul purpose and life passion. Grateful for the gift of self-healing, she was guided to become a bridge and way shower for others to heal where it truly matters-the heart. Understanding there no quick fixes, no miracle cures, no simple task. It’s about self-commitment. It is not easy, but the gain, when sustained, is nothing less than miraculous.  

Laura’s work spans four decades—as a licensed occupational therapist in the field of psychiatry and pediatrics—and now as a master teacher/master healer Laura bridges her clinical expertise, spiritual prowess and body of proof to guide you to your greatest potential. 

Creator of Audacious Attitude Adjustments™ and author of Unlocking the Invisible Child and co-author in the bestselling series, Adventures in Manifesting, 'Healing from Within.'  Laura is a certified facilitator in Soul Memory Discovery, Spiritual Indigo Healing, and Reiki I & II.

Laura’s precise intuition, wisdom, and grace will guide you through this initial process and awaken your potential for making consistent and satisfying lifestyle and relationship changes. The presentation will include discussion, reflection, intuitive guidance, and other experiential activities. It is an introductory session, and the foundation of Laura’s Doorways to Infinite Possibilities series.

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