Seeking Outer Purpose: A Familiar Story

with a plot twist!

"Sara" did what she thought she was supposed to do to have the life she thought she wanted. Though some aspects of her life worked out well, she never felt the way she had expected. She tried to ignore how she felt and hoped it would get better until one day she couldn't seem to do it anymore.

At Masterful U, Sara is learning to shift her focus and energy to what matters to her in the present and happily creating the experience she craved all along.

Pick your plot twist today.

Look out fulfilling purpose; here you come!

Masterful Games

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Start here to watch from the sidelines and learn for free.  When a 'cast' and their topics speak to you, attend the related Workshop Series to connect, learn, and laugh!

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Masterful Workshops

Low to Medium engagement.
1.5 - 2 Hours.
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Workshops are great when you are ready to focus on a particular situation or challenge that's been getting in your way. By learning new approaches you will open the door to new possibilities and results. 

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Masterful Programs

High Engagement.
2+ Hours per Week. 11 Weeks. 
$375 to $1,500.

You will want to enroll in the Becoming Masterful series to be guided step-by-step through discovering, developing, and experiencing a life that lights you up and 'works' for you. 

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Featured Outer Purpose-building WORKSHOPS

Gather insights & tools to enjoy game-changing outer purpose.

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Featured Outer Purpose-building PROGRAMS

Focus on improving your experience and bring it to being.

Own Your Experience

Imagine being so comfortable in your skin that you confidently say and do what you know is right — no matter who else is present or what is happening. Come discover how liberating it is to make getting into and staying in agreement with yourself your top priority without needing to sway others.

No prerequisites. 

Teamwork Skills

What if your most wishful thoughts of how much better, easier, and more fun projects could be in collaboration proved true? Come explore how much more is possible when the people interacting toward a shared goal each happily own their experience from the comfort of their own skin.

Prerequisite: Own Your Experience

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