The Divine Freedom Formula™

A 3-Course Program with Robin H. Clare

Are you ready?


A global Divine Revolution requires that ALL Spiritual Warriors become Divine Warriors. 

Are you ready to serve in an unwavering dedication to the Divine? If that question stirs up fear – don’t worry – you are not alone. After all, it never ended well for any of us in the past. Now, in the Golden Age, you are not only safe, you are revered. And best of all, you can let go of both your past fears and your vows of poverty – not required anymore! Your magnificent divine nature is exactly what is needed in the world right now. The good news for you is that aligning with your divine nature will activate your Divine Rights to a life filled with love, joy, peace, and abundance.

Why is it important for you to
transform from Spiritual to Divine?

The answer is simple but complicated. When the billions of Spiritual Warriors on planet Earth become Divine Warriors, humanity will reach an energetic tipping point that enables the rest of humanity to move into higher-consciousness living.

Exciting, right?  Finally, humanity will be spiritually transformed and we will enter a time of world peace and unity. This universal message has been shared by great spiritual teachers throughout history. Intuitively, you know how important this revolution is.

Where are you in your Divine Revolution? 

A Spiritual Warrior is defined as someone who:

  1. Diligently learns valuable spiritual and wellness information.  

  2. Spends countless resources to heal past wounds.

  3. Struggles to consistently live in alignment with their spiritual path.

A Divine Warrior is defined as someone who:

  1. Chooses dedicated service over spiritual seeking.  

  2. Gains confidence from the outcomes achieved from personal healing efforts.

  3. Embodies spiritual teachings when being of service to humanity and the planet.

Spark your Divine Revolution with
the Divine Freedom Formula™

Robin Clare has lived the journey from a committed Spiritual Warrior to a dedicated Divine Warrior and she is thrilled to guide you to create your own Divine Revolution. The Divine Freedom Formula™ is a proven path to create a Divine Revolution in your own life. This THREE phase program is perfect for you if you are:

  • Ready to review your Soul Mission and live your TRUE purpose.
  • Excited to grow from a Spiritual Warrior into a Divine Warrior.
  • Open to healing your blocks to success with universal grace.
  • Prepared to integrate your beloved spiritual teachings into your life.
  • Inclined to create a business plan to monetize your mission.
  • Eager to update your values and standards to maximize your success.
  • Motivated to receive direction from a business coach who is also a Divine Emissary.

Each of the three programs will include direct guidance and support from Robin, as well as your like-minded classmates. All sessions will be recorded for future listening. Check out what’s included in each of the three online programs:

Phase 1 - Customize Your Mission – 3 Week Program

(Discover how to shift from Spiritual to Divine)

Week 1 – Unveiling Your Soul Mission
In this first session, you will gain clarity on your Soul Mission and how to live in alignment with it. Your Soul incarnated to fulfill its mission and it has been diligently working toward that end day and night. Ultimately your Soul will fulfill its mission with or without your cooperation – easy or not easy is our only choice. Ease comes automatically when you make the conscious decision to work with your Soul’s Mission in both your personal and professional life. 

Week 2 – Living an Examined Life
In this second session, you will learn dynamic tools to heal your past traumas and finally…clear your blocks to success.  An important part of the spiritual journey is to heal your blocks to success. These blocks are limiting your ability to access your Soul’s brilliance. It’s time to remove these blocks to success. Imagine how profound your success would be if you were guided by your Soul’s brilliance.  

Week 3 – Activating Your Divine Revolution
In this third session, you will learn proven techniques to live your spiritual journey moment to moment. No doubt you have spent countless hours and resources learning everything you know and love about spirituality.  What will it take to integrate the teachings into your daily life? Ideally, you want to move from being on your spiritual journey to becoming your spiritual journey?

Phase 2 - Monetize Your Mission – 3 Week Program

(Discover how to fulfill your Soul Mission as your work)

Week 1 – Ignite Your Authentic Fire
In this first session, you will learn how to gracefully make the shift from your daily grind to your daily joy. You are ready to take the jump from Seeker to Server. Let’s discuss how to make the leap to your own business while also maintaining your lifestyle and preparing your family for this incredible shift.  This is a huge step and one that requires your careful consideration and attention. 

Week 2 – Planning for Success (Part 1)
In this second session, you will learn how to identify your personal brand, describe what problem you are solving for your clients, define your ideal customers and create a multi-faceted delivery system for your unique products and services. Yes, a business plan is required for business success. Let’s start by learning Steps 1-6 of Robin’s Planning for Success™ model.

Week 3 - Planning for Success (Part 2) 
In this third session, you will learn how to create a profit projection, develop a powerful irresistible offer, design your core products and create a successful marketing plan.  The conversation continues with Steps 7-12 of Robin’s Planning for Success™ Model.  It is important to note that the Universe is delighted to bring us exactly what we need when we are clear about what we want. So let’s get you crystal clear! 

Phase 3 - Energize Your Mission – 3 Week Program

(Discover how to set up your life for ultimate success and freedom)

Week 1 – Maintaining Your Standards 
In this session, you will learn how to make a powerful, personal commitment to yourself that will impact all aspects of your life.  You clearly know your Soul Mission and you have been steadily working on fulfilling it, but alas, no blazing success. What could be wrong?  Most likely, you are not maintaining standards that are in alignment with your Divine self.  Come prepared to discuss your standards and values! 

Week 2 – Eliminating Obstacles to Success
In this session, you will learn how to achieve prosperity in your mission by understanding how the flow of abundance is achieved.  Most often, the least cooperative component of your success is you. The Universe is busy lining up what you need, and you are busy feeling fearful, angry and disappointed. As Abraham Hicks so eloquently puts it, you cannot be working on a problem and a solution at the same time.

Week 3– Living the Life of Your Dreams
In this final session, come prepared with a question that requires a Divine breakthrough.  As a Divine Emissary and experienced MBA, Robin has helped countless individuals take giant leaps in their Divine Revolution. Exactly the right people will show up in the class to ask questions that are relevant to your life. Ask a question or just listen… either way you will get exactly what you need!

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"Having demonstrated success as a businesswoman, wife and mother, Robin has also enjoyed success as a student and teacher in the domains of human potential and personal spirituality. She’s challenged herself and others to continually reach for more of what can help us all fulfill our promise of abundance, love, joy and freedom."

M. P.

"I have watched Robin as she opened her heart and shared her wisdom with the world around her as friend, mentor, author and soul guide. She is kind, gentle and true to her heart and passes this on to everyone she touches. It is an honor and a privilege to know her."

P. C.

"Robin is many things to many people, but few of the outstanding qualities that make her a unique contributor to anyone are her virtues of professionalism, business savvy, excellent communicator, focused, mission driven, and personal integrity. She is passionate about wanting to help others, and in that process, change the world for the better."

J. D.

Why we love this instructor:

About Robin Clare, Certified Master Guide

Robin Clare knows first-hand what it means to live a Divine Revolution in her personal and professional life! She journeyed from Corporate Warrior to Spiritual Warrior and to her ultimate destination, Divine Warrior.

Robin's path to becoming a Divine Warrior began by leaving her traditional 25-year business career to become her authentic spiritual self.  This commitment to her spiritual journey led her to truly understand her Soul Mission.

She traveled across the globe to study with spiritual masters and grow into her Divine gifts.  She documented her extraordinary spiritual journey in her highly acclaimed books, Messiah Within and the Amazon Best-Selling Spiritual book, The Divine Keys. Her third book, Feast and Famine is due out in 2018. 

To teach other holistic entrepreneurs how to fulfill their Soul Mission, Robin had to dig deep into her current and past lives to heal her wounds that were blocking her success. She learned to run her holistic business like the business person she was trained to be.   

Robin is excited to introduce the Divine Freedom Formula™ - a 3 tier program designed for holistic entrepreneurs to fulfil their own Soul Mission.  Robin integrates her vast business experience with her advanced Akashic Record readings and her high frequency energy healing sessions.

Robin was named Best10 Life/Business coach and Best10 Energy Healer in the Natural Nutmeg 2018 Readers Poll. Robin guides others to live their Soul Mission, remove their success blockers and create strategies for life and business success.  

Was Robin's Divine Revolution easy? - hell no!  Was it worth it? - absolutely!  Now, Robin is excited to share her incredible wisdom and proven path to Divine Freedom with you. It was when she realized that she could have a life of deep spiritual commitment and make money - that her business became successful.

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