Intro to The Mindscape™ Game

Go LIVE with Kristine Burke & Lil Bit.

A playful workshop for serious transformation. 

You know you want health, wealth, love, and perfect self-expression. Everyone does, but few truly know how it's done. By applying the Mindscape™ Game to your life, you will join the winners' ranks.

Winter Session Games Begin
Sunday, 11/4/18 @ 1 PM Eastern-US

Wonder how play can deliver your dreams?

Your playful aspect is naturally curious, creative, energized, and persistent. (Right moms and dads?) It also happens to be fun, interesting, and engaging. Yes. This part of you is brilliant! By learning how to consistently align with this part of yourself—under any circumstances, you will quickly get on track to creating a life worthy of you. This is it! Play the Mindscape™ Game, use it to master your own Mindscape™ and become unstoppably you.

Why the Mindscape™ Game? 

In 90-minutes of play, the Mindscape™ Game will show you how:

  • your life works from a big picture perspective,

  • to drop old disappointments and hurts, and

  • to move confidently into living your dreams.

Winning at life requires understanding and mastering life's basic principles. This game works by making the process simple and fun.


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continued at-home play.

About Your Guide

Kristine Burke, Certified Master Guide

MU Co-Founder, Creator of the Mindscape™ Game, Master Dragon Tamer & Unicorn Trainer

I was thirteen years old the first time I realized that I was living a life that I had been told was impossible—for someone like me. More than anything, I wanted a horse and I had been assured that only people with more money, luck, or 'something' could even hope for such things. I was told to abandon the idea, but I couldn't.

Not only did my big dream come true, it proved to be even better than I had imagined! To bound out of bed each morning with such eager anticipation for the day ahead was both thrilling and deeply satisfying.

Of course, as a child, I had no idea what role I had played in making it happen. In fact, given my childhood environment, I didn't even know that people could play a starring role in creating their own lives.

Sure. I knew that I was expected to (hopefully) get an education and a job, work hard, and pay my bills, but I also knew—from observing the majority of people in my community—that despite my best efforts, I would likely be repeatedly disappointed until I wound up in a state of despair.

 Childhood dreams had to be left behind. So when I set out into the world to seek my fortune, I was certain of two things: I couldn't imagine anything better than living my dreams nor anything worse than giving up on them.

It didn't seem like much to go on, yet ultimately it proved to be enough.

For two decades, I actively searched for a way into my (grown-up) dreams while battling with all that threatened to drag me down for good.

The Mindscape™ Game clearly delivers what I sought and found during my journey. Join me LIVE to break free from struggle and live your dream.

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