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Despite having tried everything you know—and that's a lot—the vibrant body, loving relationships, dazzling purpose, and epic resources you long for remain just beyond your grasp. You cannot stop trying and you do trust, yet you secretly worry that you will never break free. We've been there. In fact, it's what fuels us. And yes, we've got you.

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with Kristine Burke, MU Co-Founder

Wednesday, 9/26/2018 @ 2 PM Eastern Time

Kristine K. Burke, Certified Master Guide

I was thirteen years old the first time I realized that I was living the life that I had been told was impossible—for someone like me. I had been assured that only people with more money, connections, luck, or 'something' could even hope to live their dreams. 

Yet there I was riding my very own horse, warming up for a competition in a real-live Olympian's indoor riding arena. There was a magical moment in which I seemed to be more of a witness than participant as I suddenly grasped that I had achieved the impossible! Goosebumps rippled across my skin and tears streamed down my face. The joy was beyond description. Greater, I think, than ecstasy.

Having concluded by then that my overflowing joy would likely be heard as bragging, I kept the experience to myself. Knowing that such a moment was possible would prove to be more than enough.

Though, not always. I had worked hard and eagerly to earn my horse and my riding lessons. Still I was regularly admonished as being spoiled and lucky.

I can clearly recall how my stomach used to twist as I felt the force of grown-ups implying that my desires and efforts were irrelevant in my own life.  

Perhaps it wasn't their words as much as it was the disapproval that I could feel behind them.

It would take me decades to realize that the reactions had never been about me. They were simply accurate reflections of how people feel when they are stuck in disappointment and do not know that their own desires and efforts will set them free.

My ability to connect with my deepest desires and hold them relentlessly in my imagination, while putting in whatever effort was required to bring them to life has remained in tact. After all I knew.

My evolving dream led me on a rich adventure from small town roots to launching a $2M business in Boston and consulting to international firms across Manhattan. Then it led me home to horses.

Today, my dream includes guiding those, who feel called to discover what else is possible—for them.


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  • You value integrity, passion, and living your purpose above all else! You know it isn't a choice anymore. It's who you are.

  • You have been on your journey of self-discovery for years and you are willing to do whatever it takes to embody your purpose, except compromise your values. Of course!

  • You trust your inner guidance. It has brought you this far, yet you often feel frustrated as it seems that you cannot break away from the old patterns and paradigm—once and for all.

  • If you are ready to master your mindscape and change your life for good, then this workshop is definitely for you!

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