Virtual Retreat

Turn the life you desire into the life you live.

July 5-6, 2018

On your way to your dream life?

Take a breathtaking leap ahead in the company of entrepreneurs
eager to create their best life and make an uplifting impact.

Join the fun, let’s do this together!


Four Transformative Keynotes
+ Four Intimate Breakout Sessions

Reach, Grow Thrive is an uplifting virtual retreat that helps you gain fresh new insights about your body, relationships, career/purpose and money. 

Through four thrilling keynote addresses and four hands-on breakout sessions, take some well-deserved “me time” so that you: 

  • Refine and make real progress on your goals.
  • Build on your clarity and confidence.
  • Connect and grow with energizing kindred spirits. 

And there’s so much more! 

Keep reading for the details or go here now for the schedule and to register.

Our Transformative Speakers

Dr. Venus

Award-winning celebrity fitness trainer, motivational speaker and “Biohacking M.D.”, Dr. Venus is passionate about helping you bypass struggle and confusion and achieve your best health, fitness and well-being. 

Dr. Diane Hayden

Speaker, author, and founder of ELM Publishing and Natural Nutmeg Magazine, Dr. Diane Hayden, PhD, is a perspective shifter and unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you reach your wildest dreams in business, fitness, performance and relationships.

Coach Nick

A keynote trainer, coach and thought leader, Coach Nick energizes you to transform the way you look at sales, influence and business, and weaves ancient and modern wisdom into practical lessons that create immediate results.

Shirlene Reeves

Known as the world's Business Success Coach and Massive Visibility Media™ trainer, Shirleen Reeves is an international speaker, author and online show host who empowers authors and coaches like you to transform your business by selling with heart.

And that’s the magic behind Reach, Grow, Thrive!

In this upbeat virtual adventure, you step into each core realm of your life.

Plus, the thrilling keynotes and immersive breakout sessions help you hone your whole-life awareness so you can leap ahead in your desires.

Here's how...


Morning - 11AM to 1:30 PM Eastern


Detoxing Your Mind and Body: The First Step Towards Optimal Health

  • Did you know? Hidden toxins are sabotaging your health. Discover what they are so you can start purging them today.
  • Those nagging aches, pains and discomforts you're "living with" are NOT part of normal aging. Determine which symptoms you can eliminate with an effective detox.
  • Sweet relief! 4 Simple ways to start your natural detox and begin feeling and looking your best.


Afternoon - 2:30 PM to 5:00 PM Eastern


No One Succeeds Alone: Why Success Depends On Relationships
  • The networking and connecting secrets that helped this purpose-driven entrepreneur create a thriving six-figure business.
  • Can you easily network with potential influencers, mentors and collaborators for win:win opportunities? You will with these proven tools.
  • Revealed: The ONE mindset hiding under your nose that ensures enduring business success!



Morning - 11AM to 1:30 PM Eastern


Learn How to Sell Online Without Paying for Ads

  • At last! Clearly identify your ideal client and compose an elevator pitch that attracts their attention.
  • If you don’t know this key difference between tactical marketing and strategic marketing you’re leaving $$$ on the table.
  • Want to enjoy a daily inflow of new quality leads without spending a fortune on ads? This blueprint will change everything.


Afternoon - 2:30 PM to 5:00 PM Eastern

MONEY KEYNOTE: Shirlene Reeves

From Dumpster Diving to Diamonds

  • The 3 must-know strategies that spell the difference between barely surviving to thriving for your company.
  • Following Your Heart. It’s your FIRST step to financial (and life!) success. Here’s why.
  • Trying to build a business and life you love without THIS? It’s gonna be a tough road. Here’s what to do instead.



What is Reach, Grow, Thrive!?
And why should I come?

Reach, Grow, Thrive! is an inspirational online retreat that moves your life aspirations forward.

Over the course of two days, four mesmerizing leaders will introduce you to new perspectives and strategies to energize your body, relationships, career/purpose and money.

To help you further embody and implement what you discover, after each keynote address, you’ll step into an immersive workshop experience facilitated by experts passionate about these same key life areas and passionate about speeding you closer to your dreams.

Who should attend Reach, Grow, Thrive!?

Reach, Grow, Thrive! is best suited for coaches, healers, wellness experts, consultants, speakers, practitioners, trainers and other professionals and entrepreneurs who want to create a life they love.

Whether you’re just awakening to the belief you deserve to live your best life or you’re well on your way―this retreat is for you.

If you recognize that as you reach for your dreams and grow into the person you desire to be, you can inspire and support others on your way―this retreat is for you.

If you’re kind-hearted and open-minded and excited to take a real step towards your goals―this retreat is for you.

If everything you’ve read throughout this invitation makes your blood race and you’re thinking “OMG you read my mind! This is me!!”―this retreat is absolutely a gazillion percent for you!

How much does it cost to attend Reach, Grow, Thrive!?

You can experience Reach, Grow, Thrive!’s transformative keynotes for as little as $17―a small though important commitment to yourself that you’re serious about taking action.

Want accelerated breakthroughs to your dreams? Treat yourself to the workshops! And know that the enduring, uplifting value that moves you forward far, far outweighs the nominal price for admission to this life-changing opportunity.

Do I have to travel to attend Reach, Grow, Thrive!?

No travel required! Reach, Grow, Thrive! is a virtual online event you can attend from the comfort of your own home. All you need is the schedule and an internet connection.

The moment you’re registered for the event, you’ll receive the schedule of keynote speakers and workshops. Simply show up and know that you’re in good hands with people who care greatly for your personal well-being.

When can I watch the Reach, Grow, Thrive! keynotes?

Register now and enjoy the keynotes at their scheduled time and up to 48 hours after broadcast. Plus, when you register for the workshops, you can also access the recordings for life!

Why take a chance? One of these keynotes may be the EXACT thing that helps you LEAP forward with your body, your relationships, your career, money or purpose, and you’ll want so watch it (or all of them!) again and again so you glean every eye-opening word.

Who is the host of Reach, Grow, Thrive!?

Reach, Grow, Thrive! is the brainchild (or should we say lovechild?!) of our fearless, visionary leader, Kristine Burke. And this event is her “impossible” dream made possible―here, now, today for you to share and revel in.

Reach, Grow, Thrive is produced by Masterful U, a fast-growing community of big-hearted coaches, healers, creatives and other experts and entrepreneurs. Where “Big Dreams Meet Big Growth” Masterful U helps you chart your way to personal success and choose transformational solutions to create a life you love.

Virtual Retreat

Turn the life you desire into the life you live.

July 5-6, 2018



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"I joined Masterful U to expand my reach and make an even bigger impact in the world. The transparency, kindness and authenticity in this collaborative community is so refreshing! You will love it too. "

Ellie Savoy
Professional Productivity Lifestyle Specialist

"Masterful U has been an amazing experience. I have met so many wonderful like-minded people. I feel like I found my tribe! There is no competition just cooperation. The aim is for everyone to succeed and win in this journey called life! I cannot imagine my life without it."

Tina Hull
Cranial Sacral and Massage Therapist

"Joining Masterful U was a very heart-centred decision which made perfect sense. I love the energy, community and abundance of wisdom and willingness to connect, support and grow that is evident in everyone and is a reflection of its creator, Kristine Burke. "

Anna-Louise Haigh
Mentor, Teacher, Author, Retreat Leader


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