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Be a great leader. Create a great team.

Reimagine 2020: 
Leadership Series


Tuesday, March 24, 2020 3:00 PM EST

Series includes three 90-minute interactive online sessions:
(1) Mar 24, (2) 4/7, & (3) 4/21.

Be an intentional leader. Create an effective, efficient team that functions optimally, accomplishing their goals in an increasingly complex world. Discover what you need to become the leader you strive to be. 

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Explore how you lead.

What's your leadership style? Have you learned how to own it? Begin exploring how to get more from it.

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Explore how you respond.

What's your Energy Leadership Index? Is it working for you? Begin delving into enhancing results.

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Explore how you team build.

Given your style and ELI, how do you create your high functioning team? Begin setting your vision. 

What You Need To Be a Great Leader and Create a Great Team.

Learn more about yourself and discover the tools to lead as only you can. There is no magic formula and no one 'right' path. Every great leader discovers their way— what works. That's why the Reimagine 2020: Leadership Series' tools and process were designed to empower you to explore who you are, where you are at, and how you will lead best.

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Meet your guides
for this series.

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Looking for better team engagement and results? 

Can you imagine leading a team so engaged that they work together to create and implement one great improvement after another? Yes! It is possible in a great environment. One established by a great leader. Come experience what's possible for yourself. 

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Not sure? Get the inside scoop.

Members, including students, instructors, coaches, and collaborative partners are always happy to offer insights to anyone considering a Masterful U series or Master program.

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Erin Levy

"Masterful U is (your) push and safe landing. If you're waiting for the right moment to do that thing you've dreamed about for ages and it never seems like the right time, you're in the right place. This is it. Do it." 

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Tina Hull

"Coming to Masterful U has filled so many voids on so many levels. I feel safe and uplifted—like I can soar. It's been an amazing experience beyond what I even imagined it could be, frankly."

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Christine Baumgartner

"I can't imagine being more seen or heard. I like that I can try new things and not be afraid of falling short. I am confident and comfortable that I can share or accomplish anything. That's huge for me."

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