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Great ideas

When people come together to collaborate, they most often do so with inspiration and a cause that is near and dear. They hope to work together to achieve great things.

Disappointing results

Often, the effort gets derailed, stops working well, or changes course leaving members disillusioned. At times this happens without anyone really recognizing it in the moment, at times people simply don't know what to do.

What happens

In reality, this phenomenon is no mystery.

We've grown used to a competitive world; a framework for operating that isn't particularly conducive to collaboration.

What if you had a NEW framework and map?

So you could confidently lead the way in bridging the gap.

From the competitive world,

  • personal truths are often not welcomed,
  • working together is frequently challenging,
  • hard conversations tend to be avoided,
  • and independence is rewarded.

To more collaborative models,

  • truth is paramount,
  • working together is powerful,
  • hard conversations are a must,
  • and interdependence is recognized as the ultimate success.

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What you'll get from this interactive workshop:


  • A specific process to identify and resolve roadblocks in real-time.

  • A roadmap to fully engage your audience (members) for aligned actions.

  • Noticeable shifts in individual and group perspective and energy.

  • Know-how to reframe any issue  so you can address it head on. 

  • Enhanced ability to collaborate for inclusive win-win results.

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