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For when you decide—and truly commit—to taking the next step toward a life you love. The monthly Masters Program includes Full Membership, two group coaching sessions, and one immersion program.

Living your purpose is uniquely yours. Yet the process of finding your way—of exploring, developing, and sharing new possibilities is known.



"I was innately passionate about so many things, most importantly health, wellness and creating peaceful space, but I couldn’t allow myself to generate that mindful approach in my own life because I was broken and too depressed from decades of self-neglect. Being a part of Masterful U gave me permission to discover that my best self was already a part of me and all I needed was the courage to live it."

Erin L.
Health & Wellness Coach

"I started with the technique of asking ‘better’ questions. It wasn’t long before I began to look at my life with fresh wonder. The transformation has been incredible. We really can feel great and I want everyone to know it! I have never felt more alive than these past two years where I have been rocking ME."

Sean B
Personal Trainer

"My friends would all tell you that I’m a very positive person and that is true. But I grew up in New York City during some of its more violent history. So despite being a cup-half-full guy, whenever I felt threatened I immediately prepared to do battle. That has changed since Masterful U, where I have learned to stop and consider how situations can be resolved peacefully instead of battling through them. This has been a major change in my life."

Michael A.
Partner, NYC Engineering Firm


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