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If you had access to a just-right environment, epic role models, and know-how, what would your life look like? Who would you be? And why?


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If you are not surrounded by people able to offer wise guidance and unconditional support, you can either be frustrated or get who you need. CHOOSE your tribe here.


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"I was innately passionate about so many things, most importantly health, wellness and creating peaceful space, but I couldn’t allow myself to generate that mindful approach in my own life because I was broken and too depressed from decades of self-neglect. Being a part of Masterful U gave me permission to discover that my best self was already a part of me and all I needed was the courage to live it."

Erin L.
Health & Wellness Coach

"I started with the technique of asking ‘better’ questions. It wasn’t long before I began to look at my life with fresh wonder. The transformation has been incredible. We really can feel great and I want everyone to know it! I have never felt more alive than these past two years where I have been rocking ME."

Sean B
Personal Trainer

"My friends would all tell you that I’m a very positive person and that is true. But I grew up in New York City during some of its more violent history. So despite being a cup-half-full guy, whenever I felt threatened I immediately prepared to do battle. That has changed since Masterful U, where I have learned to stop and consider how situations can be resolved peacefully instead of battling through them. This has been a major change in my life."

Michael A.
Partner, NYC Engineering Firm


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