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Soul Mission Accomplished!

with Robin H. Clare

October 3, 2018 @ 3 PM Eastern Time

Are you ready to live your Soul Mission?

Robin Clare was asked by the Divine, “If we tell spiritual seekers why they are here, will they stop seeking and stop serving?” From that moment on, Robin has been on a mission to ensure that spiritual seekers know their Soul Mission and how to accomplish it. Please join Robin at Workshop Wednesday to discuss the Divine’s question above and how it applies to your unique journey.

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Is this Workshop for you?

Yes, because:

  • You are ready to know why your Soul incarnated into your physical body in this lifetime.

  • You are ready to stop seeking perfection through wisdom seeking and healing the past.

  • You are ready to start serving the magnificent Souls connected to you on your journey.

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Meet your Master Guide

Robin H. Clare


Robin Clare knows first-hand what it means to live a Divine Revolution in her personal and professional life! She journeyed from Corporate Warrior to Spiritual Warrior and to her ultimate destination, Divine Warrior.

Robin's path to becoming a Divine Warrior began by leaving her traditional 25-year business career to become her authentic spiritual self. This commitment to her spiritual journey led her to truly understand her Soul Mission.

She traveled across the globe to study with spiritual masters and grow into her Divine gifts. She documented her extraordinary spiritual journey in her highly acclaimed books, Messiah Within and the Amazon Best-Selling Spiritual book, The Divine Keys. Her third book, Feast and Famine is due out in 2018.

To teach other holistic entrepreneurs how to fulfill their Soul Mission, Robin had to dig deep into her current and past lives to heal her wounds that were blocking her success. She learned to run her holistic business like the business person she was trained to be.

Robin is excited to introduce the Divine Freedom Formula™ - a 3 tier program designed for holistic entrepreneurs to fulfill their own Soul Mission. Robin integrates her vast business experience with her advanced Akashic Record readings and her high frequency energy healing sessions.

Robin won 1st place in the 2018 Natural Nutmeg’s Readers Poll for both Life/Business Coach and Energy Healer. Robin guides others to live their Soul Mission, remove their success blockers and create strategies for life and business success.

Was Robin's Divine Revolution easy? - hell no! Was it worth it? - absolutely! Now, Robin is excited to share her incredible wisdom and proven path to Divine Freedom with you. It was when she realized that she could have a life of deep spiritual commitment and make money - that her business became successful.

Cut loose! Bring a friend. Share the shift!

"Robin is many things to many people, but few of the outstanding qualities that make her a unique contributor to anyone are her virtues of professionalism, business savvy, excellent communicator, focused, mission driven, and personal integrity. She is passionate about wanting to help others, and in that process, change the world for the better."

J. D.

"I have watched Robin as she opened her heart and shared her wisdom with the world around her as friend, mentor, author and soul guide. She is kind, gentle and true to her heart and passes this on to everyone she touches. It is an honor and a privilege to know her."

P. C.

"Having demonstrated success as a businesswoman, wife and mother, Robin has also enjoyed success as a student and teacher in the domains of human potential and personal spirituality. She’s challenged herself and others to continually reach for more of what can help us all fulfill our promise of abundance, love, joy and freedom."

M. P.

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