When you know that with every fiber of your being, who will you be? How will you share your mastery?

Connect. Experience. Transform.

Do you ever wish that you had one consistently wise and loving person in your life? You know, someone who is confident and satisfied enough to offer truly useful support whenever you get frustrated and stuck.

Can you imagine what it might feel like to be sheltered by such wisdom?

Or how about to be showered with such love?

What if we told you that that person can be you (even if it doesn't feel that way quite yet)?

Come discover what else is possible when you feel safe enough to own your truth and free enough to embody your purpose.

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Wednesday, September 19 @ 12 PM Eastern US

For Your Life

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Wednesday, Septemer 19 @ 3 PM Eastern US

For Your Practice

"Masterful U offers me the opportunity to share what I have learned to help others to handle crises of confidence and meet challenges mindfully without self-blame or feeling victimized."

Barbara A. Res
Public Speaker, Attorney, Professional Engineer

"For over a decade I thought that I was busy creating Masterful U. Today I can see that Masterful U was just as busy shaping me into who I needed to become in order to embody my purpose."

Kristine Burke
Co-Founder & Guardian at Masterful U

"I joined Masterful U to thrive in a community of like-minded co-creators..."

Art Drentlau
Life Coach, Spirituality Coach, Leadership Coach


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