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If you’re ready for more fun, and the confidence and skill to create your best life ever, you’re in the right place!

Masterful U is the inspirational “Let’s do it!” community that helps you navigate your way to fulfillment .

A one-stop source for life-changing programs―offered by our members for our members―you slip the anchors of fear and limitation, and surge forward into your highest, most wonderfully passionate, powerful you.

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"In my career as construction engineer, I have had experiences that damaged my self-esteem and wrecked my confidence. It took me years to learn the lessons that I want to share about self love and non-judgment which would have made my life easier and more productive. MasterfulU offers me the opportunity to help others learn how to handle crises of confidence and meet the challenges we all face without blaming ourselves and becoming victims, through mindful and compassionate evaluation, applying perspective and self knowledge."

Barbara A. Res
Public Speaker, Attorney, Professional Engineer

"I thought that I was passionate about Masterful U because it would provide a place for all of us to be who we truly want to be—and are—in our hearts. I did not know that I was creating a place where I could finally love myself. The people here are so amazing—so kind and generous and wise and capable and unconditionally supportive... I love them all and they are my tribe, so it's natural NOW to love me. Do you see? Yes. It will work for you, too!"

Kristine Burke
Co-Founder & Guardian at Masterful U

"I joined Masterful U to Thrive in a community of Like-Minded Co-Creator that are expanding and evolving the Collective Consciousness. I want to help speed up the Spiritual Speed Up that is starting to take place on our planet. I want to help others come to the realize Who we Really Are and Experience it!"

Art Drentlau
Life Coach, Spirituality Coach, Leadership Coach


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