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facilitated sharing

connection opportunities

practical, game-changing tools

intro to the Map of Being You

unconditional acceptance

experienced guidance

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If You Want to...


  • Be a ‘safe space’ for yourself wherever you go,
  • Build trust in your inner guidance and know what is right for you,
  • Express yourself clearly and be at ease with varied views & opinions,
  • Form genuine connections with kind, interesting people, and 
  • Engage in what lights you up to enjoy meaningful lifework...



Reconsider Your Path
to Peace & Purpose


Our stress-driven societies emphasize worldly winning & success.

It is so commonly accepted that having or achieving (fill-in-the-blank) will improve our lives and experiences that we seldom stop to ask: 
What do I think will be different when I achieve my goal?

How do I know? 

It's okay. You'll love the answer!


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a Masterful Difference

You hold the keys to your peace & purpose. 

As you learn to cultivate the conditions for inner peace, you'll get a fresh look at who you are and reestablish the internal communication channel to your sense of purpose. You'll love who you discover under your stress reactions.


The stressed mind imagines it can & must control reality — the Mythic Win.

When it doesn't work, it grows ever more stressed.  



Join us in this Interactive
Workshop to discover:

  • Why reconsidering learned methods or approaches to life is key
  • What one simple thing you can do that will instantly change how you feel
  • Why many are experiencing anxiety and what you can do to resolve it
  • How to benefit from the insight provided by low energy (or depression)
  • Where to find people you can feel at ease with and enjoy being you



Live 2-Hour Interactive Workshop

Get connected to start cultivating comfort & meaning.

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Does this sound familiar?


I've tried everything I know. The situation(s) don't improve.
I feel stuck, and I don't know what else to do.



If you're ready to get unstuck, you're in the right place.

Find your top priority below... 


personal comfort & meaning

I want to connect with people I can trust and be myself.
I'm tired of being okay with feeling isolated.

I've tried joining groups and getting involved.
It's too discouraging when it doesn't work out.


family well-being & resilience

I'm trying to raise healthy children.
 These days, it's an uphill battle.

I want my family to be a safe space for all of us. 
So it hurts when my kids lie to me.


organizational integrity & effectiveness

I want to collaborate on meaningful projects.
I wish group dynamics weren't so frustrating.

It's hard for me to rely on people. 
So many seem to play games, make excuses, or
give up.


environmental respect & sustainability 

I've participated in launching local grassroots groups for change.
We start strong, lose members, and burn out.

I can't keep investing my time, energy & money in false hope.
I'm sick of disappointment.


global peace & prosperity

I'm working to make a positive difference.
I keep running up against rigid belief systems.

I know we need to stop arguing and start communicating.
I don't know how, given systemic opposing rivalries and agendas.


the bottom line

For better results and experiences, Workshop with Us!

Life works best for all of us when we co-create what we want and need in our persons, families, organizations, and environments via vibrant communities. It's more than worth the effort!

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