The Taste of Peace Workshop


Peaceful empowerment works naturally.

Spend two rejuvenating hours practicing a simple process you can use when stuck in problems or worries to swiftly and gently get unstuck.

Imagine having the energy and peace of mind to genuinely enjoy your life without beating yourself up or wasting more time, energy, and money trying and retrying what has never worked before.

Participants have used the process shared in this workshop to resolve everything from devastating anxiety, depression, and overwhelm to chronic pain, stressful relationships, money shortfalls, body-image struggles, work-life difficulties, and more.

Enjoy more. Struggle less.


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Upcoming Workshop Dates

 NOTE: We're taking it outdoors for September & October. Tell you all about it when we see you in November!

Monday, November 13, 2023, from 7-9 pm ET

Tuesday, November 14, 2023, from 12-2 pm ET


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Typical attendee feedback...

Attend this engaging & relaxing workshop to learn:

  • How to resolve chronic problems for good
  • One simple way to stay calm under pressure
  • How to laugh anxiety & panic attacks away
  • What invaluable insights depression brings, and how to use them
  • Where to connect with kind, respectful people
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