What if you felt your inner dreams matched your daily experiences on a regular basis?  What if your sense of purpose was so integrated in your life that inner peace was your norm?  What if you felt centered and grounded on your journey?  What if you knew without a doubt what really matters to you?


What if you could “perform YOUR LIFE very skillfully”?


If you dare to be delighted, Certified Trainers and Mentors will guide and support your journey.  Mastering the art of personal discovery, visioning, and applying what you’ve learned in ways that work best for you, are core to your work at Masterful U.


Becoming Masterful is a program designed to help you envision and create your deeply meaningful life; the life that simply put, “works” for you. 

Course Descriptions

Phase 1: Own Your Experience

In Phase 1 of Becoming Masterful, you will discover how your life experiences impact your thoughts, beliefs and actions, and explore how they influence and shape your current reality.  Using several assessments and tools, you’ll increase your awareness of both your inner and your outer “worlds” and begin the process of aligning them with your purpose-inspired vision.  You’ll start to feel and believe that you can, in fact, live your dreams.


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Phase 2: Own Your Interactions

In Phase 2 of Becoming Masterful, you will cultivate and navigate the art of collaboration with others.  You will learn to comfortably welcome varied perspectives, embrace discomfort, and experience the benefits of true collaboration.  You’ll see what this “looks like” and develop the collaborative skill sets that can be life-changing; making it possible for seemingly insurmountable differences to be overcome.


Phase 3: Own Your Influence

In the final phase, Phase 3, of Becoming Masterful, you will stop pushing, hoping, and controlling and lead in a way that others eagerly choose to follow.  Whether your vision is to lead current teams/communities you work with, or you hope to create a new project, you will have the tools and skills to lead with a newly inspired grace and finesse.

Here’s what some former attendees said when asked*: 

*Responses are from anonymous surveys given to event attendees immediately following the program.

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