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Guiding Inspired Change-Makers

Why we are doing this

"Sara" began as an inspired, motivated, and committed Change-Maker. Through sheer tenacity, grit, and grace she became a Conscious Expert.

To make her difference Sara had to undergo three fundamental shifts in both her focus & approach, a nearly impossible feat without a bird's-eye view.

So, this is why we are doing this and where you come in...

To make their difference, change-makers need to develop vast functional and technical know-how. In addition, they need to acquire extraordinary emotional intelligence, collaboration skills, and leadership excellence, all while navigating contradictory and outdated advice.
The right guidance and support at the right time mean faster, gentler, and more impactful progress. Delivering on this, the Masterful U Mission, requires many teachers and mentors! 
Won't you join us?

How it Works

This two-phase program is a unique approach to making the connections needed to achieve our shared goal of creating a friendlier and more prosperous world.

Phase 1. The Free Game-Changer.

The 60-Minute Speed-Consulting Game 

Like a version of speed-dating where you and your fellow Program Presenters share your wisdom by answering audience questions in a fast-paced, playful format complete with bells and buzzers that’s sure to attract, engage and impact. 

Phase 2. The Paid Main Offer.

A Four-Week Mentorship Program, including

  • Four 90-minute Workshops are held on the same day every week and hosted by Masterful U.
  • During one 90-Minute Workshop, you will own the Zoom stage and lead the audience through a transformational experience — inspiring a spark or shift that will take students further on their journey.
  • Attendees will be incentivized to stay ‘til the end, complete a survey, and potentially get a prize.

Who it's for

Bringing Emerging Change-Makers and Conscious Experts Together 

What You Would Do

As a Program Presenter, You Would:

1. Attend Five Sessions: the Initial Meet n’ Greet, the Planning Session, the Speed-Consulting Game, Your Workshop Presentation, and the FollowUp. You are invited to co-create and make your mark each step of the way.

2. Submit your Bio, Headshot, and any other info you need to present your Workshop (or the shared Program) in the best light. Complete and submit W9 and bank instruction forms required to process payments to you.

3. Email your Audience (with affiliate link) and post to Social Media multiple times to invite them to the Speed-Consulting Game and the four-week Mentorship Program

4. Lead Your Workshop on one of the four Wednesdays in your Team’s Program.

As the Host, Masterful U Would

  1. Coordinate Meetings & Schedules: An initial Zoom Meet n' Greet, Planning Meeting, Your Hub Program Phases, and a FollowUp Meeting.
  2. Administer: sending your 'Welcome Pack,' collecting your marketing information, your affiliate registration, customer registrations & payment processing, program communications, satisfaction surveys, and commission payouts.

  3. Create Marketing Materials (with affiliate link) for email and social media distribution, and landing page highlighting Program and Presenters

  4. FollowUp with your Program Team to share customer survey responses (testimonials) and see what worked really well and how we could have supported you even better.

How the money works

The Program Price and Revenue Shares are discussed in the Planning Session. The goal is always for each and every contributor to WIN.

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